Our Services

Why Our Customers Choose Us

  • Customer service
  • Multi lingual
  • Solution solvers
  • Industrial experience
  • Product Knowledge
  • Strong/Familiar relationships
  • Referrals/recommendation
  • High client retention
  • Management skills
  • 24/7 delivery service
  • Convenient warehouse hubs
  • Logistical transport legislation
  • Quality/Innovative products
  • Saving money on resources
  • Technical support – qualified/skilled
  • Production development & application
  • Environmentally/ethically responsible

Why Our Suppliers Choose Us

  • Market knowledge + ability to act quickly + gain results
  • Customer relations
  • No product overlap
  • Ability to handle stock + logistics
  • Ability to sell technically to fit quality requirements
  • Quality standards and + accreditations
  • Minimizing risk for sales/guaranteed sale/business security with contracts
  • Marketing
  • No International office, services, customer care
  • Conduit for EU representation
  • Logistical benefits/trade agreements/tariffs
  • Cultural benefits
  • Trustworthy
  • High customer retention

Why Our Distributors Choose Us

  • The Sun Bird Brand
  • Compliments product portfolio
  • No domestic source – developing countries
  • Product Knowledge
  • Technical support
  • Commercial support
  • Competitive pricing
  • Good product availability (warehouse hubs + logistics network)
  • Fully regulated documentation – SDS, TDS
  • Fully accredited – ISO, Reach, quality standards
  • Product quality – supported by COA’s
  • Long standing industrial expertise & application Knowledge
  • Don't take the risk, no storage costs/shipping logistical cost

About us and how we operate - Our Services

Sun Bird Corporation have become established as a supplier of high quality additives to businesses around the world

Expert advice from experienced professionals

We aim to provide intelligent product solutions, tailor-made to individual customer requirements. Our qualified and highly skilled team of people offer comprehensive support in all aspects of product development and application. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to a client's needs and advise them accordingly, offering solutions for a diverse range of complex technical challenges to support our customers’ needs.

This ensures our customers are getting the best products for the job and at competitive prices.

A trusted global supplier

We export to over 40 countries worldwide and have worked hard to create a comprehensive and reliable distribution network. Overseas markets are all supplied from local distribution centres and conveniently located warehouse hubs worldwide, located in Asia, mainland Europe and the UK, South Africa, North America and the Middle East.This means we can control the delivery of our products and be confident that deadlines are met.

Specialised and experienced in-house logistics team offering our customers full support and advice on all domestic and international transport legislation.

We provide a 24 hour a day delivery service to all destinations.

Customer service is paramount

We employ a multilingual team of experienced Customer Care Representatives. Our staff are dedicated and pro-active and make sure that your needs are uppermost.

Your contacts have industrial experience who achieve high client retention through strong relationship.